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A yaoi pairing in Hetalia fandom. Germany and North Italy.

It is heavily hinted (but not confirmed) that Germany is in fact North Italy's long-lost childhood love, Holy Roman Empire.

Also, Germany puts up with Italy, lets him sleep in Germany's bed with him NAKED, and lets him off the hook on a lot of stuff.

Yes, many fangirls (including myself) have a field day with just those few simple facts.
P1: Did you read that new GerIta fic?
P2: Yeah, it was awesome!


P1: Did you hear about GerIta?
P2: It makes a lot of sense, with all the facts RIGHT THERE.
P1: Tch. Fangirls don't need facts. They can make a pairing out of anything.

P2: True, true.
by Ze Mole June 27, 2009
(1)A song by Green Day. The 9th track on their new album, 21st Century Breakdown.

(2) A really crappy .45 caliber gun. I wouldn't recommend actually using one unless you, for some reason, end up lost in the Old West. Or Hollywood.

(3) Someone who makes peace, or solves a conflict.
(1) P1: I got the new Green Day album today! P2: Me too! It's amazing! P1: What's your favorite track? P2: Peacemaker, definitely! P1: I liked East Jesus Nowhere. *both get into long discussion over what song is best, eventually listing each and every track on the damned CD* (I am guilty of this as well)

(2) Old western movies sometimes use peacemakers, but some don't. The ones that don't are the ones you always see with someone shooting repeatedly into the sky for no reason. They would have to reload after every shot, but you never see that. They just got modern guns and put them in the old west. But does anyone care? No. Why? Hollywood says it's true, it must be true! Bastards.

(3) Person: Help! Help! There's a fight! Someone call the peacemaker!
by Ze Mole May 17, 2009

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