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The term nerd has derived from posers who could not fit into a crowd and have resorted to absolute patheticness by trying to be different in their own "unique way". They typically like downloading PC games instead of downloading pornography of Kazaa on their spare time and they enjoy hanging out with their "friends" over the internet. Usually these friends consist of 40 year old males who say they have similar interests but are only trying to "get together for a visit". Also, nerds don't have social lives so they play with childish Pokemon cards during their lunch hour or during their spare period at school, not to mention they think of ways of "trying to take over the world". They also enjoy long walks on the beach with tight overalls on a hot sunny days and candelight dinners (glowsticks) with family and fellow nerd friends. They enjoy shopping for the latest designs at Thrift Stores and the Salvation Army and enjoy rocking glasses their parents wore when they were in high school.
Ex.1 --> Mahivens! Common Jimmie, let's go get a copy of Gilbert goes to computer camp before it's sold ouT!

Ex.2 --> My virgin eyes! I lost my glasses!

Ex.3--> My name is Nazim Ould-Brahim I love Bilal Latif and his Paki hairdo.

Ex.4--> - Kwah! Hey guys...I hava joke 4 u...
- What now Jimmie?
-What's Cooler than being cold?
- Ice Cold! Kwah! Get it? Get iT? Kwah!
by Ze KinG Of AnTi-NeRdisM March 09, 2004

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