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2 definitions by Zariel

1. The way retards spell faggots, in which they intend to insult others but in which they make themselves look like dumbasses
*in all capitals*

fuck fuck i can't stop myself you all stupid........you all foggots.......you all whores.....you all bitches.....you all son of bitches.........was that much ????
by Zariel December 10, 2007
1a A unique name, however it is a common misconception that Serge is a name for some French or Canadian bastard that fags around.
1b It is also always assumed that it is short for Sergio or pronounced sir-gay. This is not always the case as Serge can be pronounced surge(like a power surge) and can also be a name given to someone Russian or even Irish in some cases.

2 The name of the main character from the popular Playstation 1 game Chrono Cross.
1a Guy: What? Who told you that Serge was French?!?! He's Irish dude!

1b Girl 1: Hey have ya met the new transfer student "sir-gay?"
Girl 2: Yeah I talked to him but, he said it was pronounced "surge."

2 Guy: Yeah man, I just got the rainbow swallow for Serge, it kicks ass dude.
by Zariel July 22, 2007