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3 definitions by Zarathud523

Automatically "liking" every comment on your Facebook status.
I was really excited that John liked my comment on his FB status until I looked at the other comments and realized it was a Straight Like-back.
by Zarathud523 October 14, 2011
4 1
The trouble with making the first pot of coffee in the morning before you've had that first cup of coffee to steady your nerves.
Dude, I spilled old coffee grounds all over the place due to morning clumsiness.
by Zarathud523 December 09, 2010
2 0
First sexual intercourse after ending it with your significant other. Done primarily to reaffirm that you are still in the game and a one-time pass to engage in guilt-free, no-strings-attached indulgence of your primal desires with someone who would otherwise be socially off-limits.
"My old gal-pal Bobbie came over and banged my brains out last night. Don't think she's looking for a relationship though. She just broke up with her boyfriend. so it was probably her Free Agent Fuck."
by Zarathud523 April 10, 2012
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