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A girl who generally believes that women are entitled to more then men are, usually because of looks or the fact that they can bear children. The modern equivalent of Nazi.

Some feminists believe that they should have equal rights to men, but yet they still demand 'chivalry' and to be treated special because of the hole between their legs. They don't realize that 'equal' means 'on level ground', which basically defies the entire concept of 'chivalry'

Evil Fascist Nazi Feminist Bitch : I demand equal rights!
*Guy walks up and punches her in the face*
Evil Fascist Nazi Feminist Bitch : Hey! You can't hit me! I'm a girl!
Guy : You say you demand equal rights?
Evil Fascist Nazi Feminist Bitch : Yes!
Guy : Well, then don't complain. Men can get punched, so if you want equal rights, then so can you.
Evil Fascist Nazi Feminist Bitch : I'm gonna go sit in the corner.
by Zantor May 11, 2007
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