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Originally, this was the electronic egg-shaped toy from Japan. (Sooooooo 1997!) It was the first in the trend of virtual pets.

Now the word can be used in a different manner. It can be used to describe a person. When calling someone a "Tomagotchi," you're basically saying that they're needy. Usually needy in an annoying fashion. This, of course, pays homage to the original toy's constant beeping due to wanting virtual food or other things...
"Leo's girlfriend is such a tomagotchi!"
by Zanti Misfit March 08, 2004
The definition of this word is TRAMP SLUT WHORE BITCH.

The background on this word, so far as I know, comes from some girl's movie parody of The Phantom Of The Opera which can be found here... http:// www. livejournal.com /community/ m15m/ 6231.html
Sara has banged every loser in town! And most of them were other girls' boyfriends!! She's such a TSWB!
by Zanti Misfit April 12, 2005
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