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Intercourse of the ear canal.
Dude, my penis got all waxy last night, I gave Cheryl a zubo.
by Zack Alv March 25, 2008
A vehicle transporting 2 or more nerds.
Man, I can't believe we're going to this party rollin the roflwagon son.
by Zack Alv March 25, 2008
To release air loudly from one's anus, usually makes a flubbery resonating sound.
Dude, I took an air dump on Nicole last night, haha serves that bitch right.
by Zack Alv March 25, 2008
Expression used in multiple ways. Usually used to describe an obvious or stupid situation.
Example 1: "Monica is meeting us at 7pm here" "What time?" "Derp"
by Zack Alv March 25, 2008
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