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A genre that was amazing until late 2010. For years artist like Skream, Kode9 , Benga and Rusko were pushing the envelope. Even the "Brostep" artisits such as Excision and Datsik were great until a point. But somwhere along the line, something went wrong. People became concerned only with how "filthy" the bass drops were. First the artists Datsik and Excision fell. The tracks are all about how fast you could crank an oscilator or how much you could make a robotic voice go "Yah". The artists who killed the face of dubstep were Skrillex, Doctor P, Flux Pavilion, Borgore and Zomboy
I had faith in dubstep until Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites was released
by Zacho Max November 27, 2011
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