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One who fears fear itself.
During World War II, F.D.R. inspired America to become a legion of phobophobes.
by Zacharaius R. McGuggenheimis February 19, 2009
A name fans of the Fox program Fringe often use when referring to themselves. The name is derived from a fictional substance, Cortexiphan, which appears in the series.
"I feel like such a bad cortexifan when I can't spot Observers in Fringe'
by Zacharaius R. McGuggenheimis October 30, 2011
A contraction of "flamboyant" and "buoyancy" used to described a body's tendency to float as a result of one's vivid or over-the-top mannerisms and swim apparel.
The swimmer's sequin-clad swin-suit greatly increased his flambuoyancy.
by Zacharaius R. McGuggenheimis February 19, 2009
something completely useless and/or impractical that provides immense amounts of happiness and amusement despite its lack of purpose
Even though I new the glow-in-the-dark toaster wasn't what he wanted for Christmas, it was just too funnecessary for me to resist buying him.
by Zacharaius R. McGuggenheimis February 19, 2009
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