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A sky blue AMC Pacer with flames above the tires can be a personally owned vehicle but was originally found in the greatest movie ever Waynes World.
"Great idea Garth, To the Mirth Mobile!"
by Zach is Cool December 08, 2005
The disgusting yet wickedly funny act of wiping your ass and then tossing the poo smeared wad of toilet tissue over the top of the stall and onto someone using the urinal in front of you.
I got kicked out of the movie theatre for doodiebombing that dick who asks for your ticket stubs.
by Zach is cool February 27, 2006
The disgusting yet wickedly funny act of wipeing your ass in a public toilet and then "Doodiebombing" the individuals using the urinals directly in front of your stall with a poo smeared wad of TP.
I was just taking a piss when I felt something hit my back. I turned around and realized I had just been struck with a doodiebomb.
by Zach is cool February 21, 2006

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