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4 definitions by Z Ellmo

n. A form of swedish smokeless tobacco.
Often, old timey backwoods men refer to dip as snuss.
"You got some'a that there snuss in your mouth boy?"
by Z Ellmo September 08, 2006
53 19
n. A wad of chewing tobacco or dip.
"Hey man, I could sure use a spit a copenhagen right now"

"Can I get a spit a skoal offa you"
by Z Ellmo September 08, 2006
14 14
To fantasize about someone during masturbation, to fuck someone in one's mind.
'Dude, I mind fucked the shit outta' her last night when I beat off'
by Z Ellmo September 08, 2006
25 37
n. People, primarily in the Appalachian region of the South, who are isolated from civilization and cannot therefore assimilate into modern culture. They differ from rednecks in, that, rednecks live in close proximity to both civilization and modern culture, however, they choose not to assimilate, whereas a hillbilly cannot assimilate.
"He lives a ways, yonder over the mountain, 'bout 100 miles from the city, he's a true hillbilly"
by Z Ellmo September 08, 2006
89 106