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An individual who aligns themselves with the ideology that machines are superior to biological entities. as opposed to Darwinism, the belief that biology is superior to industry. A Clanker nation focuses on industrial productivity, using machines to do manual labour and fighting. Though not pretty, Clanker armies are tougher than Darwinist armies, as steel can withstand more than flesh.

Clanker armies use armored walkers, ranging from small scouting units no bigger than horses to massive land-ships that rival their naval counterparts. Of course that also means Clankers are adept in using similarly industrial technologies, such as Tesla cannons and internal combustion engines.

In the novels by Scott Westerfield, the Central Powers nations of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire are exclusively Clanker. the only known hybrid nation mentioned is America, which uses both Clanker and Darwinist machines to suit whatever role it feels best.
a Clanker Nation is one where heavy industry and machines are the dominant economic and military force:

the 1914 Kaiser-Reich German Empire is a Clanker Nation, using such machines as the Dreadnought class SMS Beowulf, a landcruiser decorated with 10 17 inch cannons.
by Yuri Drakonov August 20, 2011

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