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An acronym for "Casual Butt Sex".
Lets have some CBS tonight, I'm not in a rough mood and I'm tired.

I have a lot to do, we can have CBS while I multi-task.

Lets have some group CBS tonight, we can socialize and watch football while we're at it.
by Yuby Hoo May 27, 2008
The most offensive term for a homosexual. A fiend of buttsex. A very gay man. A man with a greasy face. Term for one with small penis and large nippers (see nippers). One who cannot talk of women around other males. The driver of a shitty Volvo. See also bitch.
You are such a mecker, take your dick out of his ass for once.

Look at that flamboyant mecker.
by Yuby Hoo May 28, 2008
The act of fucking in the ass. To ane.
They ane like old people.

I got aned last night.

Lets ane.
by Yuby Hoo May 27, 2008
The anal penetrator of anal sex. Someone who gives anal sex. One who anes (see ane_.
What is wrong with that aner, he's always sleeping around.

I need an aner for the night.

Care to be my aner?
by Yuby Hoo May 27, 2008
The nipple of a male or female measuring a minimum of two or more inches in diameter.
Dude, your nippers are the size of fucking pepperonis.

He definitely got those nippers from his parents, it runs in the family.
by Yuby Hoo May 28, 2008
Acronym for "Aggressive Butt Sex" or "Angry Butt Sex".
That was some serious ABS we had last night, I haven't worked up a sweat like that since I was a teenager.

I didn't like that ABS last night; tonight, lets have CBS.
by Yuby Hoo May 27, 2008

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