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A break from daily activites where you have enough time for a cigarette. The break itself can be called a smokeo whether you smoke cigarettes or not.
Dave's back from the shops with the drinks and my durries, it's time for smokeo.
by ysambart August 20, 2008
Australian: A Flannelette checked shirt.
Bugger me sideways, me ciggers cost more than the flannie I tuck them into!
by ysambart September 03, 2008
A dumper is both i) a cigarette recycled from another person's cigarette, and ii) a composite cigarette hand rolled using the extracted tobacco from other dumpers.
Dole didn't come through so I can't afford durries. Three more fat dumpers and I'll be able to roll a dumper. Pass me the Tally Ho's.
by ysambart August 20, 2008

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