2 definitions by Youshan'tneverknow

LLADNARS tend to be bootylicious. They are very dramatic and over react. They always complain about being lonely, but never do anything about it. They are usually BFFs with Matthews.
"Damn, that's a big bootay!"
"No, that's that LLADNAR!!"
by Youshan'tneverknow March 30, 2013
A cute, cuddly, teddy-bear type of guy. Typically short w/ poofy hair. He is quiet and tends to hang back around groups, but has a lot to say when he is noticed. He tends to be good friends w/ Mayas and Cheyennes.
You're a raptor, Jacobita.

Look, its Theodore, oh wait, it just Jacobita
by Youshan'tneverknow March 29, 2013

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