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1.) From the anime Fullmetal Alchemist, Roy Mustang (Colonel throughout most of the series, Lt. Colonel in some episodes, and Brigadier General in the last few) is more well-known as Colonel Mustang or "Flame Alchemist".
A. According to Edward Elric, Roy Mustang is nothing but cocky, self-centered bastard. He and Roy have petty arguments throughout the series, and in a few episodes (45-48), he shows a complete sense of hate. However, in episode 49, him and Roy reach and understanding of each other and the other's views. Instead of saluting, Roy offers to shake Ed's hand. Being a rebellious teenager, Ed slaps the inside of his palm. They exchange a few last words before Ed runs off to the Underground City and Roy heads to King Bradley's Mansion.
B. Seen as nothing but the devil to Winry Rockbell. However, it's mutual since Roy was the one to kill her parents (in the anime, that is).
C. Alphonse Elric believes that his brother should be thankful to the man. He also sees Roy as somewhat of a guardian.
2.) Roy Mustang is often put into a yaoi relationship with Edward, more known as Roy/Ed.
3.) He shoots fire from his hands, enough said.
1.) "You wish to challenge me, the Flame Alchemist? I'll light your funeral piers."
A. Ed: "YOU COLONEL BASTARD, DON'T CALL ME SMALL!!!!!!" Roy: "Not my fault you're shorter than a stack of papers." Ed: "Why you..."
B. Winry: "Why...WHY DID YOU KILL THEM?!" Roy: "I didn't do it because I wanted to...I did it because it was an order."
C. Al: "But brother...we're indebted to him."

2.) If you don't believe me, go to fanfiction.net.
Ed: "FASTER, ROY!! AHH!" Roy: "Ahhh, nnn, ahhh..."

3.) Roy Mustang can shoot fire from his gloves with alchemy...SO KEWL! >w< *fan-girl squeel*
by YourFace69 March 02, 2008
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