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The noises that sound somewhat like english that one might hear coming out of a black person's mouth. The white population may have trouble understanding coon babble and may need a translator in order to understand the language and the incompetence of its users. Also see Ebonics
Example: Mr. smith decided to take his class into the inner city to study the extreme poverty and primitive nature of the species that live there. Upon arrival a darky approaches the class.

Darky: "ay ay dogg Lemme get summa dat dro u smell me?"

Mr. Smith: "Look class! One of the local niggers is attempting to converse with us! I wonder what he's saying?!"

Student: "My daddy Says if one of those things talks to you its called coon babble Mr. Smith, its a secret language that they have obained by fucking off in school"

Mr. Smith: "Well said fine lad, you get an A+"
by YourDaddyBlake July 29, 2008
When a redneck dad has hot steamy incessed sex with his daughter, has a baby with her, then when her daughter's cherry ripens he has incessed sex with her, impregnating her. repeat process untill the gene pool is so shallow that the only possible product of a nother steamy sex session with great granddaughter #13 is a clone of himself.
Crawdad says Hay-dee: "Jenna git o'er here and sit on poppas lap ima gonna git you pregger and then fuck my granddaughters till i die"

Jenna: "not again paw paw! the last monster you created with our incest redneck cloning came out with a tail and fangs and et officer jimbo"
by YourDaddyBlake July 29, 2008
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