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A bunch of sad ass 14 year old pricks who think they live in the ghetto, when infact they live in Oxford, England and that they're badmanz because they got their name off a dvd but changed the last letter from an s to a z. They give themselves fucked up names like Uzy G and Criminal J, and "spit barzzz" in small rooms just off of school corridors, every so often having a spaz attack simelar to monkey mating calls when someone disses another members mother. Previously called the Butter Mafia, they became known for throwing small plastic pots of butter at fellow students from across the classroom. They think they're bad because they suddenly all wear black converse, completely forgetting that the main species they look down on, better known as emos, have been wearing these shoes forever. I know, what badmanz eh?
"i iz a bre g, coz i fukd ur mum, bt secrtly i phail, cuz i prefare it up da bum" WARRIORZZZZ 4 LYF!
by Your mums penis is in July 05, 2008

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