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2 definitions by Your mom is hot

Spencer Middle school is where all the wild-a-beasts go. They like to suck on lollipops and dong dongs. Dong dongs are drugs for them. in this case, penis's. ery' one likes 'em. Even the guys! DUNSMUIR ROCCCKKKSS!!! WOOOOOOOOOO!! THE DUNSMUIR DRAGONS BURNED DOWN SPENCER MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!!
Spencer Middle school is the worst school in British Columbia!
by Your Mom Is hot February 19, 2012
1. Four Onces (One "Quarter Pound)
2. 3 and 1/2 Onces (Rip off)
1. Hey man I just got a QP, lets go toke up
2. Naw man, what you just got was ripped off.... I'll still smok 'doh
by Your mom is hot January 03, 2004