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The song that unarguably proved that led zeppelin is better than Van Halen. Jimmy Page is God. Eddie Van Halen said Jimmy Page is God. The guitar solo at the end of the song is some of the best guitar work known to man; the only thing you can even begin to compare his shit to is Clapton and Hendrix...
some whiny, wanna be a rockstar, guitar hero playing bish:
"Man, I can play Guitar like Jimmy Paige! Stairway to Heaven doesn't have anything on my awesome riffs!"

Me: "If you could play guitar like Jimmy Paige, you would be famous and people would have fucking shrines to your honor in their house. And you wouldn't talk so much shit."
by Your friends at Pro-Logic II February 06, 2008
1.) The dude who said, in his guitar player of the year interview, and for all you Jimmy Paige haters out there, I quote, "wow, this is really a shock. It's not like I'm JIMMY PAIGE or anything; I mean, there are a lot of really great guitar players out there, but Jimmy Paige, Jimmy Paige is God. He's definitely my hero man." Suck That.

2.) Not saying that Eddie Van Halen isn't a fuckin' awesome guitar player, he has a few "Sick Nasty" songs. (fans eat your hearts out)but seriously, give Jimmy Paige a freakin break.
wow, there arent really any examples i can give... i used them all up in the definition. but yeah Van Halen is awesome. Not as good as Jimmy Paige, but still fuckin sick.
by Your friends at Pro-Logic II February 06, 2008

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