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It can be simply thought of as a tremendously stupid way of saying nigger People who think that they're clever by saying "nigga" are obviously the opposite. Black kids who call each other this name are idiots, so are white kids, and so is anyone else who says it out of its proper context, period. Self-respecting black people don't go around calling each other "nigga." It's only the dumbass MTV crowd who ignore its malignant roots and think it's something amusing to say; employing it constantly. Bigots shouldn't be so butthurt that it's offensive to say it either because no matter what, it's a rude thing to say. Stop being such morons.
Moron #1: I'm a dumbass black kid and I like saying nigga all the time due to my lack of an extensive vocabulary!

Moron #2: I'm a dumbass non-black wannabe kid and I like saying nigga all the time due to my lack of a vocabulary too!

Moron #3: I'm a whiny bigot and I can't comprehend why I shouldn't be saying nigga! I feel so oppressed!
by Your conscience April 10, 2007

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