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The MTV driven nation of preppy, rich suburban girls who wear North Face jackets thinking they are the shit when really they are nothing but conformists making fools of themselves. They are the type of shallow hoes that will act like bitches to get you scared believing "I have no chance with this chick." when in reality they are insecure of themselves, worrying about what other people think. It's the equivalent of Agent Smith from the Matrix, they all look the same, a white blond or burnette haired chick with a tan who show their pics on facebook throwing up fake gang signs or showing pics of themselves shit-faced. The Hills is their favorite show as it portrays sluts making fake drama situations about some broad taking some other broad's man that no rational person really cares about, except North Face Nation. They walk around campus with their fake Channel Sunglasses, Nike Shox and a smug on their faces. All the popular chicks at your school have at least one. These stupid cunts think they know what's going on but they don't.
When you see a chick from North Face Nation, laugh at the fact that they are faker than a MTV Reality TV Show.
by Your Local Weedman July 22, 2009

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