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2 definitions by Your Awesome

Ellie is the most amazing person in the entire universe. She is strong and courageous. She is beautiful and extremely talented in everything she does. Her intelligence is so high it isn’t able to be justified with one single word.

Ellie is a true friend who will always be there for you; no matter what it is she will always try to help you out. She is awesome in absolutely everything; if you don’t get to meet an Ellie Rosewell then you will be missing out big time.
When you find Ellie Rosewell you have to hug her becasue she is Ellie Rosewell and she is amazing.
by your awesome March 27, 2012
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Man, whatever your mom says. This means that the sayer of this phrase is willing to do whatever your mom says. He has an extreme love for your mom and will do whatever she says. While saying this phrase, the sayer will shit his pants and also massive jizz bomb in his pants with the thought of doing whatever your mom says. With love, your mom.
Girlfriend: What do you wanna do babe?
Boyfriend: Man, whatever your mom says.
Girlfriend: Why does it smell like shit...DID YOU FUCKING JIZZ YOURSELF?!
by Your Awesome January 05, 2011
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