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An abbreviation for methamphetamine, a drug that stimulates the central nervous system by causing it to release more dopamine, a neurotransmitter that gives someone a feeling of satisfaction.
Meth is a dangerous drug and should never be used.
by Young Trubz July 09, 2005
In Japanese: ?? or ????
A very nice coastal city in the Hiroshima province of japan. Many people visit peace park, a memorial of the a-bomb that was dropped by americans.
Let's take the bullet train to Hiroshima
by Young Trubz August 18, 2005
A fundamentalist christian.

See also:
Bush Jesus Freak
My bible-thumping neighbors go to church every day and say "jesus" twice every 10 seconds
by Young Trubz August 18, 2005
The composer of the music in Lord of the Rings. Notorious for "tone clusters", 5/4 time, and dissonant harmonies
The lord of the rings soundtrack: Composed by Howard Shore
by Young Trubz July 15, 2005
a music video that, within 5 seconds of watching, will usually induce seizures.
Guy 1: Why is Guy #3 in the hospital?
Guy #2: He saw "snap yo fingers"
by Young Trubz September 06, 2006
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