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folk nation gang outta ckhi town. where im from it stands for fagged out like krabs
see dat gd throwin up pitckhforks? dats a folk sign
by Young Trap June 09, 2007
gansta disciple, or glazed doughnuts (suuwoop), is a gang out of chicago under the folk nation and the 6 point star. enemies would be the gangs of the people nation(latin kings vice lords ect) of the 5 point star. also for some reason have a vendetta against bloods, probably the work of the former 8 ball alliance with the krabs. Gds are large in number throughout the states, but no match for major gangs like bloods. main colors black and blue
who is them hard lookin dudes ridin in all black?! phew... false alarm gds. its just the doughnuts! calm down everyone its just the krispy kreme krew!
by Young Trap June 09, 2007

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