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An imaginary weapon used to shoot your friends for any situation or succession of words that they spew out that makes them seem like a homosexual or pussy. You must hold your hand with your thumb and forefinger out, at a 90 degree angle, so your hand looks like a gun, and yell "Pew pew pew" as many times as you deem sufficient. Instances requiring the use of the Pew gun include, but are not limited to, the following:
talking on the phone with your girlfriend more than 5 times a day, or more than 10 minutes at a time; eating a salad; watching access hollywood or any similarly gay show; drinking a bitch drink (fuzzy navel, margarita, etc.) or otherwise doing something fruity.
Doug: Come on, let's get wasted!
Gus: Wait, I have to call my girlfriend first.
Doug: (holds his hand out for the Pew gun) Pew pew pew!

Gus: Yo, you wanna hit this blunt? It's some good shit.
Doug: Nah, I gotta finish my homework and then I'm making myself a fuzzy navel.
Gus: (holds his hand out for the Pew gun) Pew pew pew!
by Young Sheebs March 08, 2006
Yet another weapon in the pew arsenal. Not unlike the Pew Gun and PewZooka, this weapon is reserved for toolbags including, but not limited to, frat guys, whipped boyfriends, sorostitutes, non-drinkers, and otherwise fruity individuals. In instances where the Pew Gun is not strong enough for any particular turdbucket, or for a group of assclowns, the simplicity of the Pew Grenade is key. Rather than shoot the Pew Gun at someone with your hand, mimic the movement of pulling the pin of a grenade out with your mouth, and then throw the imaginary but devastatingly powerful weapon at your target of choice. A lengthy "pew" sound should be yelled, and then a quicker and louder one to signify the flight and loud explosion of a grenade. Some may question the use of the Pew Grenade, claiming the PewZooka to be sufficient for large groups or fans of Laguna Beach. Those people should be Pew Grenaded for thinking that. Pew grenades are flashy AND effective.
Gus: Yo Kev, do you have any sandpaper?
Kevin: No... why?
Gus: I wanted to use it on my jeans, I saw on Laguna that they do that to rip their jeans and it gives it a more retro look, like maybe I didn't do it on purpose.
Kevin: (busts out the Pew Gun) Pew pew pew!
Gus: Shut up man, faded and ripped is in! By the way, do you want to share a fuzzy navel with me?
Kevin: (pulls pin and throws pew grenade) Pppppppeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww PEW!
Gus: Whatever man.
by Young Sheebs August 09, 2006
A fruity drink - where fruity does not mean containing the taste of fruits, but rather that the person ordering it is either a girl, a pussy, or a homo. Friends that witness this order should feel obligated to drop the pew gun on this idiot for being such a flamboyant wuss.
Doug: Hey can I get a Fuzzy Navel?
Bartender: Sure (gives look of disgust).
Kevin: Dude, what are you, a little candy ass bitch?
Doug: They taste good and they get you fucked up.
Kevin: Wow... you, my friend, are officially a pussy.
by Young Sheebs May 03, 2006

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