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1 definition by YouKnowWho YouDickWad

A debacherer, a pervert or utter cunt.
Notably aggressive in nature, someone who needs to re-learn their apparently native tongue.
Someone who enjoys vadalism, especially egg-throwing and ripping England flags off of chav's cars.
A person with a very low sense of loyalty and absolutely no morals.
Someone who thinks that utterly shite music is "Bo." and has a VERY small penis. Seriously.
A person who may shout at people who don't understand why someone would try to pick up all the glass on the floor after a concert.
If you were in a pub and someone put on Shania Twain, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, and a scrawny little rat with a two inch hard on danced past you, smoking a spliff and popping pills, dancing like a tit-wank with a pool cue saying something along the lines of "Yeah man, like, nintendo," whilst hitting on your girlfriend even AFTER she has said no, he would be considered a Retch.
by YouKnowWho YouDickWad December 20, 2006
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