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Alexander = The greatest guy you will ever meet.

Contrary to other definitions, he is NOT a player. He is usually funny, hangs around with the girls a lot purely because the one he loves is in that gang. 'Emma's attract him the most ^-^

Not the most popular one to fall for, but in my case its not that hard. Alexanders like obscene or alternative bands, or just the old ones, but there's definite variety in his tastes. From what I've gathered, he's pretty secretive; you could call him modest, but he loves to show off in front of people that he knows admire him, yet are also very very very jealous.

The best Alexanders are from Bulgaria. The best Alexanders also have melting-chocolate eyes which you could just get lost in for hours. Musically talented, an Alexander will rock your world and leave you begging for more.
Random girl1: zomg justin bieber RULES <3
Alexander: No. Thats gotta be Coldplay. Or David Guetta. Or insert random obscure artist here
Me: (inside head) oh my god. we have the same tastes. OMG DONT GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ;_;
by You-Know-Who! February 17, 2012
Somebody who is so lazy, they just hold back all bodily needs. Instead, they sit around moping and watching movies all day
Today, instead of going to class, I pulled a holder. I watched the entire Lord of The Rings trilogy!!!
by you-know-who! February 07, 2012
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