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The shittiest movie ever made in all of movie shittiness. If I wanted to see some government bullshit, i would head to Washington D.C. I mean come on. It was TWO FUCKING HOURS of this:
(Dude 1) - "I think we are going to die."
(Dude 2) - "No freakin' way. Shut up."
(Terrorist 1) - "Muh Hallah Muckha Laha!" He then runs like a crazy bitch with a box cutter.
(Dude 1) - "He really shouldn't run with that in his hands."
(Dude 2) - "If your so concerned about him, why don't you marry him?"
(Terrorist 1) - "Muh Hullah Ma Stabby Hackma Mul Stab" He insanely stabs some fat guy in the neck.
(Dude 1) - "Didn't he kill that guy an hour ago?"

Repeat FOREVER!!!!!!
(Dude 1) - "Wanna see United 93?"
#united 93 #flight 93 #shitty movie #muh hullahma #dude 1
by You Will Thank Me Later May 08, 2006
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