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2 definitions by You Know!

A school that pays more attention to their losing football team more than the award winning performing arts section!
For the year 04-05 Northern football LOST ALL OF THEIR GAMES! (except for the consolation game)
by You Know! April 02, 2005
48 24
Not a definition but the orgin of the phrase: This phrase was coined in 2004 by Blake Edmondson in Camp Walker, South Korea. It was used as an alternative phrase for someone being a complete moron / dick / dirtbag. After Edmondson transferred stations I attempted to pass this phrase on along with other greats such as..... Gungle a gungle, (rumble of a V8) Kadouche (boom), and Splack (disgusting splash).
Mongo don't be such a douche canoe, just drink the damn shot!
by You know! October 12, 2012
9 3