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Alamo. Heights is a small town in the heart of San Antonio. Alamo Heights is renowned for it's academic excellence and is also well known for their state champion sports teams. Many stereotypes are made about Alamo Heights. These are made by people who are too ignorant to realize that Alamo Heights is not a snobby, rich, bubble, but a wholesome community built on values and family. There are, although, some people who match this stereotype, but the normal people much outweigh the snobs. Many Oh9ers as they're called, are nice and considerate. Alamo heights is really no different from any other suburb and should be treated as such. Any one who bashes Alamo Heights is mostly just jealous and feels inferior to nothing greater than where thy are.
Alamo Heights highschool is great
by You'll find out when your olde March 31, 2009

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