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a black woman who has kids. that are under control and know how to behave. she'd be damned if her kids are acting a fool in public. she is very strong. and always holds her family on her back. she does what she has to do to provide. and can have a man, but doesnt need one. she's hip and young. knows the latest hot stuff. you can tell em anything. but that doesnt mean you won't get your "butt" wooped afterr. (: black moms... theyre the best.
Black Mom: yess baby, what you need to talk about?
Kidd: i lost my 500 cell phone.
Black Mom: WHat the hell! *woops kidd's "butt". apologizes. then buys kidd a new one*

Kidd: i will never nd still havent lost a cell phone since.
by You'll Never Know (: March 17, 2010
the realest people ever. we may be violent at times. but ALL of us aren't ignorant and uneducated. in fact many of us are educated and very well off. people that come across many times of testing. Puts God first. and doesn't give a care about what anyone personally thinks of us. we do what we know how to do well. i'm beautiful, black, and proud!
i don't care if yuo like what i wrote or not because i am a black pupil that refuses to see these stereotypical definitions of black people.
by You'll Never Know (: March 17, 2010

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