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2 definitions by Yosef Yelen

a weapon that is used to bother sharks, preferably resulting in the shark attacking you and leaving bite marks on your side
I have this thing called a Shark Rocket and I shoot it at them. And it really annoys sharks. And then I just wade there in the water and they come at me. But I'm really good at eluding them. I know this hip move, it's something porpoises do and I then I pretend that I have a bottleneck and I stab them in the gills. And it really is effective. I just punched it and it let me go. And tell me there's no time in your life when you swim faster than when a fuckin' shark lets you go, your just like "Aahhh no," you're on the beach, "Aahhh no!" Fucking shark let's you go and if you don't get pussy with that story, "You want to see my scar?"
by Yosef Yelen May 12, 2006
17 10
1. becoming crazy after consuming too much tuna fish


2. wanting to kill every sheep in sight after eating coco puffs


3. a word describing ronald mcdonald
Ronald McDonald likes to eat tuna fish and kill sheep. He is very plumblistic.
by Yosef Yelen April 17, 2006
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