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2 definitions by Yoge and Spanky

1. The condition which arises from extended periods without poon, or having sex. Patients suffer from poonitis will experience a burning in the loins for the heat of a woman's genitals, depression, loss of self esteem and will moan things such as "poon!" and "I need to get some." While masturbation may relieve the symptoms of poonitis temporarily it provides no real cure and the intense burning of the loins will return. The only known cure for poonitis is in fact the heat of a woman's genitals, or sex. If left untreated poonitis can result in loss of vision, malnutrition and even death.
2. Some people are immune to poonitis most notably, Clay Aiken and Senator Larry Craig. Although the reason for this is remains unclear.

1. "Dude I haven't had any in 2 months, I'm afraid I've got poonitis."
2. "Ever since I broke up with my girlfriend I've had poonitis. But now it's getting really severe, I think I've started going blind!"
3. "It has been one long year since we have lost Jimmy to poonitis. If only he had not tried to wait till marriage he might be with us today."
by Yoge and Spanky February 21, 2008
18 2
The phenomena where as latitude moves toward 0 degrees, poon increases exponentially in quantity and most notably, quality. Hot bitches raised in frigid arctic wastelands move toward tropical equatorial regions upon reaching sexual maturity. This leaves a disproportianate ratio of dudes to chicks in arctic environments, resulting in frequent man circuises and sausage fests. This results in an abnormally high number of cases of poonitis {see poonitis}. In regions above the artic circle this effect is so strong that entire villages will exist without a single female. This results in a prison type situation where men begin to pork one another in the ass. The other effect of this phenomena is that regions such as California have a disproportionately high number of hot bitches compared to men.
"Yeah man Lexi left for Miami last week."

"God damn we lost another hot bitch to Latitudinal Poonal Drift."
by Yoge and Spanky February 27, 2008
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