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When a man takes a shit and wipes forward (instead of backwards) and gets shit on his balls.
Something smells..FUCK! I think I have brownball...
by Yo Momma Sucks January 02, 2008
A Myspace Error.

Everytime you try to comment someone, message someone, post a bulletin, and (rarely) log on and it won't let you so you are forced to refresh or click on it again.

This is the 8th deadly sin because it is so wicked.
OMFG. I can't look at your new pic, there's a MyError.
by Yo Momma Sucks January 02, 2008
Another word for a ho. You can call someone a hoezmahoezee and they won't know what it means and also, it sounds fun to say.
Bitch get off my hoezmahoezee!
by Yo Momma Sucks January 02, 2008

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