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1 definition by Yo Momaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

A Cory is a really good friend will be their for you, But sometimes can Have no Respect for girls. He may say he loves you, & treat you like a princess but he will do just about anything to get in your pants. A Cory is always talking about Sex , can tell the truth & later regret everything. Extremely jealous of everyone his girlfriend talks to even if it's her best guy friend. He'll even confront & threten even try to fight a guy right then wherever it is even if a guy looks at his girl once. & After you broke up with him, He wants to know all your business, He's NOSY AF.
Gary: Hey Jenna, I Heard you broke up with Cory. Why?

Jenna: That Cory just wanted to get in my pants. He always talked dirty to me & He was such a sailor mouth even infront of my parents. He cussed out my bestfriend calling her all these rude names just cause she asked him "How are you & Jenna". And He wanted to jump every guy that just looked at me.

Gary: That Fag.
by Yo Momaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa July 22, 2011