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A hilarious machinima series based on Counterstrike: Source. Go see it some time.
Over the Counterstrike and Red vs. Blue are hilarious.

Sex me?
by Yo Mom Saddam January 08, 2005

You need to die for sounding like a huge ass nerd. Halo 2 sucks my stump. Come, hunt me down and kill me. I can name many ways you can kill me, and if you want them, IM me on Yo Mom Saddam. I'd be glad to give them to you. PS2 is getting old, and the computer completely kills X-Box and ALWAYS will. I hardly ever play my PS2, unless it's San Andreas, which I think is so much more fun than Halo 2.
Would you like to sex me?
by Yo Mom Saddam January 08, 2005
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