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A store that has a bunch of stupid crap ranging from pentagrams to hello kitty T-Shirts. Some stuff in it looks good, but its really expensive, and you could probably make the same clothes yourself and save 55$. Some stuff in Hot Topic makes you simply look retarded. If you have down syndrome, smash some Invader Zim perfume in your eyes and toss on a Spongebob T-shirt from this place and you'll easily be identified as mentally retarded.

This store is the equivalent to Ambercrombie, Hollister, all that crap but all the clothes are just dyed black with some chains thrown on them and, to finish it off, a bands name and picture slapped on.

If you want a cheaper version of these clothes, go to any cheap clothing store, really cheap, just find clothing that you like the feel and look of. Fuck whatever company it was made by, buy it so long as it's cheap. Next, examine whatever retarded ass piece of clothing you want from Hot Topic. You want chains? Go get some chains, shouldn't be too expensive. You want black? Get some clothing dye (or if you were smart while getting the clothes, you already got a relatively close color). Want a picture on it? Find a place that will do just that, put a picture on it.

Holy shit! You just saved, and this is nearly a shot in the dark, 30-40$! Wow!
I just went to Hot Topic and spent my entire paycheck for this week on 3 things.
by Ymous Anon May 14, 2008

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