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The sexiest man alive! He got tattoos, can fuckin' scream like a REAL man! The main vocalist for Avenged Sevenfold or A7x. See wikipedia.org if you want more info.
Me: Heeyy, M. Shadows. . .there's something in my room and I need you to help me get it out.
*Steps into my room*
M. Shadows: Okay, where is it?
Me: I'm sorry, but I love you way to damn much to let you go! *Frenches* Get in my closet. . .no fuck that. Get in my bed!
M. Shadows: WTF is your problem!
Me: My problem is that you aren't in my bed! *drools from my perverseness*
by Yerushalauim BatSheva November 13, 2010
A person who hides their jewish heritage to be accepted in society. Also known as a: Crypto Jew

Note: This can also be used by someone who wants to be jewish, but is afraid of rejection in society.
I could be considered a closet jew, because I want to be jewish, but I'm afraid of being rejected by my family and friends.
by Yerushalauim BatSheva November 27, 2010
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