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The Episcopal Academy is a preppy school. But what you don't realize is that the people writing these things in are just jealous cause they go to Haverford and lack girls. These people writing in go to one of the rival schools and have the same type cars, with the same "Main-Line" moms, and the same life style. The kids at EA are more real and down to earth then any of the schools in the Inter AC (the correct spelling). Yes EA is misrepresented by losers that put their "sweet sixteen" on MTV. If I am not mistakin though I beleive he was Hanging out with mostly Haverford kids. Episcopal Academy is a great place to go to school and will be ridiculously dominant after their new campus is built.
By the way, Don't be pissed because Episcopal kids can party.
by Yep MMMMHmmmm March 11, 2005
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