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Another word for cock, dick, penis
That guy's over there strokin' his wackshine!
by Yep April 08, 2003
A person on AIM that repeatedly says "hi" and ends the convo with "Don't ban me plz" before blocking you.
That idiot Peta Force keeps IM'ing me
by Yep September 05, 2004
Extremely misunderstood and underrated member of the Jedi Council.
oh jedi greg maddux is soooo hawt!!!!111
by yep February 25, 2005
The Underage Drinking Capitol of the United States. The heart of it is in New Canaan Connecticut.
Kids from Fairfield County, as freshman in college they can outdrink college seniors.
by yep April 05, 2005
A traditional Texan custom where families that have moved from Texas to the greater Sacramento area are to "make love" with their family at the same time. This custom was created to re-enact the same procedure Texan farmers did to the steers to make them ready to be slaughtered for meat.
Sorry, Josh can't come play now. He has to eat dinner, do his homework and do the fuck-train. Maybe after 8 o'clock
by yep January 27, 2004
super cock sucking internet
those nerds are all hooked up to the scsi
by Yep June 08, 2003
some of the nastyest girls on campus. sluts that think they are pathetic if they dont have a differest guy in their bed every night.
cant spell nASTy without AST
by yep March 20, 2005
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