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In this case, it mostly used to describe nice, rare, exclusive, vintage, etc. sneakers.
Person One: Yo doe, take a look! Brotha's got heat on his feet.
Person Two: Werd! Them fresh Pillars are waiting to be robbed ma niggs.
by Yellow Spotted Green Cow August 07, 2007
A building covered in graffiti in Queens, NYC
Yo let's hit up that 5 pointz building!
by Yellow Spotted Green Cow October 21, 2007
A girl who is easy. She do anything with you with out thinking. Desperate, she'll fuck you if you walked up to her and asked her with out even knowing her name.
Person1: Yo I hit a home run yesterday night with Jessica.
Person2: Me too! Yesterday afternoon though.
Person3: Yeah, son! She did me two days ago!
Person4: 'Ey brah, she did me twice! She's one easy pop.
by Yellow Spotted Green Cow August 09, 2007
A dumbass or retard (not mentally) just someone who's madd stupid
The Lumigan: Hey brah, i skeeted in my eye last night.
The Non-Lumigan: Yo niggs, you sucha lumigan.
by Yellow Spotted Green Cow August 09, 2007

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