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1 definition by Ye-Ol-Bung

Obsessed with meat pies, favourite pastimes include raping retarded and mentally and physically demented humans, such as Nick Sell and Ananden. These two guys she rapes with a vengeance. Wonder why Ananden is so short? He gets rammed by her up the arse so many times he gets smaller and smaller after every 'encounter'. From experiences of victims, she hates Azn men, she's like 'fuck you! stop taking over! i want meatpies not fucking sweet and sour pork!' She hangs pictures of John Howard at the back of her classroom, where she wanks off to it. You wanna know how I know? Simple, it's what causes earthquakes and tsunamis. Beware, children, beware.
Look!!! It's a meatpie!!! Fetch!!!
by Ye-Ol-Bung March 16, 2005