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1 definition by Yankees Rule

The Boston Red Sox is a Major League Baseball team from Boston (obviously) Massachusetts. They are one of the most dirty, underhanded, sore-losing teams in all the world. Time and time again, they lose to the superior team known as the New York Yankees, (aka Bronx Bombers, boys in Pinstripes,) which also happens to be the most storied and successful team in the world. The Red Sox constantly complain that the Yanks have a high salary, yet i see it written nowhere that the Yankees are forbidden from using money. We're rich, you're not, so what? SUCKS FOR YOU, THATS WHAT. BOSTON SUCKS, LETS GO YANKEES, winning the AL East Division 10 years in a row and counting!!
David Ortiz and Boston: hey, even though i dont field, cant win a gold glove, cant win the silver slugger, and hit less home runs than Alex Rodriguez doesnt mean i shouldnt have been the AL MVP.

Alex Rodriguez and NY: but ortiz, i batted .318, hit 45 home runs, won the home run title, won the silver slugger, AND won a gold glove in 2005. You didnt do any of those things for your ball club, so i won the AL MVP fair and square.

David Ortiz and Boston: ur right A-Rod, the red sox are gay as hell. may i please suck your cock and swallow your cum so that i can get some of your talent? u can fuck me afterwards if u want to.

Alex Rodriguez and NY: hell no, ur a red sox, and u have aids and crabs and herpes, get the fuk away from me
by Yankees Rule December 30, 2006