1 definition by YammerJammer

A competition played between two or more guys when going out to the bars. Started by stocking your refrigerator and cabinets full of junk food then going out to the bars and finding the fattest, grossest bitches with the biggest titties in the bar and taking them home to stuff their faces with cake and doritos and pork fritters then fucking them hog wild in every hole they have. Really yammering it. The winner: the fat girls who got stuffed and fucked for free.
Oh hell no! You want to play Yammers tonight? Im going to get me the fattest, nastiest bitch out there and stuff her from all ends with hostess ding dongs and my own summer sausage. Im going to stuff her and then stuff her again. Yee-Haw! I love making 'em puke up all that junk food onto my dick when I jam my yammer down their throats.
by YammerJammer September 03, 2008

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