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in Hebrew

in Hebrew a "Shekel" is the money coine (like a dollar)and the word "shtei" is 2 of something ( shtei bananot= 2 bananas) so Shtekel means 2 Shekels - you can also say two shekels (shnei shkalim) but shtekel is shorter
mozes:dude, can you give me a shtekel?
mozes 2: of course, man.
by Yael the Israeli October 16, 2005
gladly, I would love to- In Hebrew

the expression "bekeif" means "with happiness" (it is also used when someone tells you something great(and then u should add "sheihiye lecha/lach" and then "bekeif" and then it will mean- I hope you wiil have fun during doing what you just told me about)
example 1:
mozes: wanna go to the movies?
mozes 2: bekeif.

example 2:
mozes:I'm going to an hotel this weekend
mozes 2: seihiye lecha bekeif
by Yael The Israeli October 13, 2005

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