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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals,
an organization that encourages people to go vegetarian or vegan, and to treat animals with as much respect as you want to be treated with yourself. In other words, the real morons are those who are incapable of bringing up the respect to treat animals properly. It seems that many people consider us terrorists... which does not make sense and just tries to prototype all animal lovers into something bad. Give us proof that every single peta activist has commited crimes at the level of terrorism, and then you have a point, until then: stop bullshitting about things you dont understand. As for the crapass who said peta activists have a low IQ, he or she is highly pathetic and probably suffering from some kind of mental disorder that prohibits intelligence growth. All peta does is what they consider best for the animals, if you agree with them, show your support and ignore all the bullshit haters say, if you're against it: come up with proper arguements that can be backed up with proof if you expect anyone to pay attention to you.
Peta activists are adults, teens and kids who want whats best for the animals, and humans, in our world.

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