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Used to be a great people who carried the Islam religion and were superior in sciences, but now they have became a slackers who can't get anything achived and keep whinning all the time, they deserve all what's happening to them, they've wasted a lot of chances in the last 100 hundred years to get back their respectable place in the world.

Arabs are divided into groups, there's the gulf countries, they're the Arabs that has oil, they have more money than anyone else in the world, yet they have maybe like 1 factory in their whole country, they just spend their lifes spending money and buying things, those are the worst kind of Arabs, the most slackers.

There's the people who live in the north, they're mostly poor, they kind off try to improve themself but not enough, they talk more than they take actions.

Basically, Arabs are once a great race, now a bunch of slackers.
Gulf countries are like:
Saudia Arabia
United Arab Emirates
by Xoveriv August 23, 2006

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