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2 definitions by Xmas Tree

Unintentional male-on-male cuddling which happens as the result of having to share a bed in a crappy hotel room due to a non-existant travel budget.
Garrett: Dude, wtfuck was that all about last night? You were trying to muddle with me all night!

Brandon: Sorry Bro, I forgot I was sleeping with your stupid ass in this lame motel. My bad. I thought you were my girlfriend.

Garrett: Fuck off, I'm gonna go brush my teeth.
by Xmas Tree February 03, 2010
Someone who makes up some lame excuse to be in a position to see a guy's package
Matt: What the hell are you doing in here? I'm in a glass-walled shower for fuck's sake!

Garrett: I had to brush my teeth!

Matt: You are such a peckerpeeker.
by Xmas Tree February 04, 2010