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another person on this planet that plays a sport that they like. just like a soccer player or football player. if a cheerleader is stuck up it is NOT because they are a cheerleader...its because thats there personality. the sport you play should not define you, and if u define a person by what they like to do you are a hypocrite
i know this cheerleader, she's pretty cool just like my other friends who play soccer and football.
by XcelebrityX November 27, 2003
a SPORT in which a group of girls or GUYS make up routines of around 2 and a half mins. of jumping, stunting, tumbling, dancing and cheering. the routine itself consists of around 3 different stunts such as scorpions, arabasques, or front stretches usually combined with a single or double spin to end the stunt before being caught. tumbling consists of backhandsprings, tucks, layouts, fulls, and double fulls...all done in combinations of difficulty usually begun with a roundoff. dancing is a shorter part of the routine that consists of 8 counts ranging in speed from 1-2-3 to 1+2+3 in which a position or motion is hit on each count. the cheer can be anywhere from 2 to 16 lines (around there) in competitive cheerleading it is usually short and is yelled over the music. all this is combined into one 2 and a half minute routine. and each different area is given points usually ranging from 1-5 depending on the competition.
last years rotine consisted of stunt sequence, fulls, standing tucks, backhandsring back tucks, round off tucks, extra tumbling, cheer, stunt sequence, dance, stunt sequence, end. it was around 2 and 1/2 mins long and was practiced around 12 times in 2 hours to perfect it for competition.
by XcelebrityX November 27, 2003
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